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Arousal & Orgasms Healing & Transformation Tantra Techniques Intimacy & Communication

Specific Tantric Keys to include in your Sexual Healing Practice.

When you add these elements to your practice, transformation is assured!

Leah Piper touches briefly on key tantric principles to include in any sexual healing practice:

  • Conscious Touch
  • Talking...
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The Yoniverse and Healing Trauma | Interview with Leah Piper

Interview by Maya from Consciously Transform and her Irresistible Woman Series

Our modern world is overfilled with highly masculinized energy, which imbalances our feminine. Therefore, for women,...

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IG Live + Sacred Sexuality in the Empress Temple + unlocking the Empress Codes

Leah Piper, Chelsae Zirna, and Thatja Andrade

This 5 Day Free Event has been running since Jan 21, and ends Jan 25. But it's not too late to watch the final day and catch up on all of the classes!...

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Sexual Healing and the Path of the Tantric Lover


Empowerment in the Age of Uncertainty - Interview by VerdaLuz with Leah Piper

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