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The Yoniverse and Healing Trauma | Interview with Leah Piper

Interview by Maya from Consciously Transform and her Irresistible Woman Series

Our modern world is overfilled with highly masculinized energy, which imbalances our feminine. Therefore, for women, it’s critically important to nourish our femininity in order to live an abundant, turned-on, and thriving life.

The Good girl is unconsciously conditioned to give, obey, and sacrifice in order to please others with the hope of getting love and approval. A Sensual Goddess, however, gives generously from her power and allows herself to receive fully because she does not question her worth and value.

If you are still yearning to impress others to get validation, it’s time to claim your Irresistible Woman and awaken your Sensual Goddess. You are a sovereign woman, a creatrix of your own life with a feminine gift of attraction. Everything you don’t like in your life today is a product of your misused power. Join the journey and master your feminine craft. You can create your life with flow and intention and have it all!

Maya's 10 week Series - The Irresistible Woman - is available now.

Do not miss Week Six where Leah's teachings on Yoni Witnessing will be featured!



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