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Specific Tantric Keys to include in your Sexual Healing Practice.

When you add these elements to your practice, transformation is assured!

Leah Piper touches briefly on key tantric principles to include in any sexual healing practice:

  • Conscious Touch
  • Talking back to negative thoughts
  • Tracking Sensations
  • Breathing
  • Sounding

For a deep dive into Sexual Healing Rituals, Leah offers group coaching programs for women at

Individual coaching packages are also available at

You are also welcome to join a workshop offered through the NY Tantra Institute where Leah will be highlighting various Tantric techniques in great detail:

Wednesday, October 27, 2021 - OPEN TO COUPLES $75 AND SINGLES $45
2-5 PM Hawaiian | 5-7 PM Pacific | 6-8 PM Mountain | 7-9 PM Central | 8-10 PM Eastern

You can register for that event at:


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