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Transformative Tantric Rituals 


Healing and Awakening Practices for Women

Begins January 10, 2022 


2 Month Group Coaching Series 


You will completely TRANSFORM the negative ways you see SEXyour BODYyour PAST woundsyour fear of the FUTUREall your RELATIONSHIPSand the FEMININE!
What would be POSSIBLE if you never doubted your SELF WORTH again?
What would you BELIEVE about yourself if emotionally, spiritually, and physically, you felt TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF LOVE

Having taught over 1000 women these self-healing rituals
I can GUARANTEE that you will uplevel multiple areas of your life.

Whether it's attracting higher quality lovers or discovering new depths of intimacy with a current one, to dream job offers appearing out of nowhere, and pounds falling off without dieting

So, if you're sick of waiting around for someone else to convince you you're loveable ... if you have had enough of settling for crumbs... and if you're brave enough to stretch yourself... then let's do this together!  Register right now!

What women are saying.... 




  • Anatomy of Arousal

  • Yoni Witnessing

  • Sacred Spot Mapping and the courage to FEEl it all

  • Orgasms | What kind? How many? Where? What does your brain have to do with it?

  • Discover the bodies Energetic Circuitry

  • Learn to trust your Yoni GPS

  • Honoring our Sexual Phases | Resting | Learning | Adventure | Healing | Transformation


$999 * 

* Tuition will not be this low again! Normal enrollment is $1300. 

$225 | Coaching Credit

Free 60 minute one-on-one coaching session with Leah

$125 | Coupon Code

Use towards any MoreLove future programs



Jan 1, 2022!

TEXT 831-818-4803
to Schedule, a Free Consult with Leah.



HOW MANY | 8 group calls

CALL LENGTH 90 minutes

HOW OFTEN | Weekly on Monday or Tuesday


WHAT TIME | 1 pm PST  

2 pm MST  |  3 pm CST 
4 pm EST

WHERE | Zoom

STARTS | January 10, 2022

MISSED CALLS | Don't worry,

calls are recorded. 

Happy Mature Woman

Lisa, Santa Cruz

Leah is wise beyond her years about human nature, behavior, needs, and wants. Each time she opens her mouth, I'm grateful to have a pen and paper handy. I doubt that I would have gone through multiple Tantra training without her exquisitely intuitive and understanding feminine (yin) wisdom. I am impressed that Leah is so finely tuned to her calling, and I've been honored to be present for so much of what she has to share.


Nedda, San Diego

“Learning about Leah's sacred spot healing techniques has literally changed my life. Gone are the days when I would be ridden with anxiety, self-hate, and indecision. I now have the tools I need to truly love myself most deeply--by listening. The stillness that is in all of us is now my roadmap out of my own destructive thoughts. And I found it in my Yoni, She was there all along and waiting for me to knock at Her door. What a gift."

 Testimonial | Jeanie.jpeg

Jeanie, New York

"Leah has been my teacher, mentor, and coach in the last two years. Her passion and creativity are contagious. She has a rare combination of being grounded and spiritual. I am amazed by the power of her love and devotion. If you want to learn modern sacred sexuality, I highly recommend her!


Whitney, San Diego

“Meeting Leah and hearing her story dropped me into understanding the power of sexual healing, from there I was hooked on sacred sexuality. Leah's authentic vulnerability and genuine curiosity are magnetic. She helps the most fearful feel safe, and I know because that was me.  She communicates with a fluid resonance that is articulate, intelligent, and with a juicy feminine appeal I have yet to see duplicated.”    

Testimonial Pic | Placeholder | Willow |

Dr. Willow, Santa Cruz

"Leah Piper is the most amazing teacher of Tantra, sacred sexuality, spirituality, and just pure love. She radiates Acceptance and understanding and she’s incredibly relatable.  I have learned so much from her. I am so grateful she came into my life. "

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