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Unleash Your Pleasure, an interview with Leah Piper

Sydney Richdale's show called ‘Unleash Your Pleasure' is all about learning how to create passion and intimacy in your relationships and increase fulfillment in your sex life.

In Sydney's own words, here is what you can expect
from the interview:

What an amazing interview with Leah Piper today!!

She has been teaching people in the tantra world for many years and has such a beautiful perspective on how to approach sex in a deeply meaningful and connected way.

A few things we covered today that I LOVED:

  • What tantra is and how it originated

  • Approaching sex differently to increase pleasure

  • Eye gazing as a connecting activity

  • Sexual healing and how that is possible

  • Different ways to experience pleasure that isn’t about having an orgasm

  • The misconception that our ability to make our partner orgasm makes us a great lover

  • Communication and how important it is to creating pleasure

What an amazing day!! I’m so grateful to have had her share her wisdom on how to create a deeply connected and pleasurable sex life!

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