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The Savoring Queen teaches you the Art of Savoring!

Today I come to you to talk about savoring.  Savoring is a skillset and an art form that helps us deeply capture, more fully, our positive experience in our lives.

The definition of Savoring goes something like this: Savoring is the pursuit and attentiveness of positive experiences that can be felt in the Present moment but can also be reactivated from past experiences and imagined in future experiences.

Savoring shifts our Focus to what’s beautiful, auspicious, delicious, and life enhancing.

There are 4 Pathways to Savoring:

1. Marveling = connects us to Awe.

2. Thanksgiving = connects us to Gratitude

3. Basking = connects us to Pride

4. Luxuriating = connects us to Pleasure

MARVELING:  What I love about “Marveling” is tapping into the awe of nature! It’s as simple as that. We live in one of the most naturally diverse countries with nature that simply takes our breath away! Go outside today and look at the sky or a simple flower. Trees and plants make the whole world better. Flowers are so precious to me.

THANKSGIVING:  It’s not just a holiday people. We can have Thanksgiving every single day because gratitude has scientifically proven to increase life satisfaction! What are you thankful for today? I’m feeling so blessed right now for the amazing Meyer lemon tree right outside my front door. Thank you California for providing the sunshine that causes my lemon tree to bloom sweet smelling citrus flowers and for gracing our tables and recipes with abundant, free, meyer lemons all year round! How awesome is that?

BASKING:  Basking! What a great word! Basking is when we feel proud of something that we've made or done. Like the 200 necklaces I made during covid to sell at my workshops when we can conduct live events again. I dedicated myself to beading and making jewelry which gave me such pleasure and helped me tap into Flow. I love each one and I'm proud of them. They're so fun to work with. And I love the way the beads sound next to each other, their various textures, colors, and especially the ones that sparkle and twinkle.

LUXURIATING:  Last, but not least… “Luxuriating” such a great word too! Luxuriating is about taking time to deeply feel PLEASURE! Life is not meant to be WORK, WORK, WORK! It’s meant to be relished using all of your senses. Like chocolate! The taste of chocolate is even better when you take a long moment and allow that morsel to melt in your mouth. The best is watching someone else enjoy a piece of chocolate, right? You can see their mouths move, their smile lift, and everything looks so delicious & sensuous - go ahead… you can savor right along with them!

So, I'm really curious… What do you love to savor? What's going right in your world? Tell me a story of a time that you laughed uncontrollably and why? Because I would love to savor that with you!

I'd love to hear where your next trip will be? Are you getting excited yet? Is it going to someplace new... or are you going back to some place familiar? Why is that destination calling you? What are you looking forward to eating? What are you hoping to do? And who are you going to love while you're there?

That's a little bit about savoring. I hope that this inspires you to go experience this wide world and to enjoy every precious second of it out loud! Till then, I’m Leah with More Love Works.


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