It's Official! 🙌

Welcome to the Illuminate Membership! 


Before you go...

let's cover your next steps


STEP ONE: Book both of your 2 Private Coaching Calls now, so we can get started right away and you can experience the support and guidance you need.


1: Book Session One

2: You will then be be able to book session Two

3: After Session 2 is booked click "My Two Coaching Calls Are Now Scheduled" to continue to your confirmation page

After Your Calls Are Booked... 


STEP TWO: Please head over to your inbox to find a Love Letter from me covering some very important deets!


✓ How to log into your new client portal

✓ A little reminder to book your calls in case you forget

✓ How to be fully prepared for our upcoming call

Through ongoing coaching you will:

→ Improve intimacy and communication with your partner

→ Heal past traumas affecting your sex life

→ Remove inner blocks to true sexual enjoyment

→ Integrate tantric wisdom for deeper fulfillment

→ Take actionable steps towards your relationship goals

More From Our Students...

Joshua - Texas

As a therapist I've done lots of therapy, this has been the most profound therapeutic experience I have ever been a part of.

Dayana - New York

I knew the only way through this fog was going to be with a leader. A female activist for love and freedom.

Kevin - Georgia

I've never had a conversation where I felt more understood, especially on a topic like sex which growing up was so taboo.