An immersive experience where you'll tackle struggles surrounding intimacy, confidence, sexuality, and trauma head on.

We know how vulnerable sexuality can be which is why confidently and trust are #1 in creating a Private VIP retreat designed just for you.
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Everybody wants to feel masterful when it comes to sex but let's face it - most of us never got the sex-ed we truly needed. Lucky for you, my own quest for sexual healing and passion for making love even more beautiful led me down a rabbit hole of tantra & erotic research.

Luckily for you...I've got your ultimate cliff notes ready to go! Get excited to unleash your inner sexual god(dess).


Waking up every morning feeling energized and excited about the day ahead.


You look in the mirror and see a confident, empowered version of yourself looking back.


You feel LIBERATED from the past with it's limiting beliefs and you're ready to embrace all the love that life has to offer!


This vision can feel like an impossible dream. Maybe you've experienced trauma or heartbreak in your past that still haunts you to this day.


Perhaps you struggle with anxiety or self-doubt that makes it hard to connect with others and feel truly confident in yourself.


Whatever your story may be, it can be incredibly frustrating and disheartening to feel like you're not living up to your full potential.

That's Where the Experience of a Tantra Educator Comes in

Through personalized coaching and mentoring with Leah you'll:

🫶 Learn how to use embodied tantric practices

🫶 Gain powerful tools and techniques

🫶 Learn how to heal past hurts

🫶 Connect with your inner wisdom

🫶 Cultivate a deep sense of confidence and self-love

And the best part?

You don't have to do it alone ever again!

I'm so ready for this!

A VIP Retreat is for you if...

  • You have always been curious about Tantra but don't feel comfortable taking a seminar with other people 
  • You have achieved a high level of success in business and are now ready to reach the same level of success in love
  • You're struggling with painful sexual issues that are best dealt with privately by an experienced expert
  • You're in a marriage that's hurting and it's time to take drastic action before it's too late
  • You crave an exotic vacation where you can leave all the stress behind and take time to care for yourself or your beloved

Check out what some of my past clients have to say...

Deb + Joe, Sacramento
I am knowing myself in a way I never have before! For decades I believed I was sexually informed. Turns out, at nearly 57 there's a lot more to know.
Tunde, San Francisco
Though I was nervous I did have a ton of fun. You are awesome. I’ve been reflecting (and practicing) since our session. Learned a lot – I definitely appreciate the 1:1 intro, session and wrap up. Thanks for having an organized and comfortable approach.
Brian, Tampa, FL
This vip retreat has transformed my life and propelled me into a higher functioning level of awareness. Finally, I feel relaxed and at ease with myself. I feel I have been born for the first time.

When You Invest in a VIP Retreat you'll get:


✓ A pick between a 2-day, 4-day or a recurring monthly half-day retreats

✓ Coaching, mentoring, and embodied tantric practices

✓ Sample curriculum includes male mastery and female sexual energy, intimacy keys, sacred spot massage rituals, conscious touch, and conflict resolution

✓ Individual and couples pricing options available

✓ Various destination options available, including Sacramento, Napa, Maui, Santa Barbara, and other locations of your choice*


* does not apply for half-day sessions

With Leah's undivided attention, you'll receive a custom-designed retreat tailored to your specific interests, whether you attend by yourself or as a couple.


Your Investment Options:

Select Your Desired Session Below

Starting at $1197
Half Day VIP Retreat
Starting at $3500
2 Day VIP Retreat
Starting at $6000
4 Day VIP Retreat
Leah also offers this as extended exotic vacation where you can leave all the stress behind and take time to care for yourself or your beloved, making it the ultimate reboot.
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Picture yourself immersed in a nurturing, judgment-free environment, guided by a caring expert with decades of experience.

A VIP retreat with me is designed to help you:

> Heal past traumas that have been blocking pleasure and intimacy

> Awaken your full-body orgasmic potential

> Improve communication and listening skills with your partner(s)

> Gain confidence in voicing your desires and having them received

> Expand your pleasure capacity, orgasmic response and gain a deeper connection through sacred sexuality

Why Invest in a VIP Retreat?

> Accelerated transformation in an immersive environment

> Unconditional support without judgment

> A safe space to open up about your deepest challenges

> Benefit from a seasoned expert with decades of personal & professional experience

> Return home with newfound confidence, trust, and emotional availability

What to Expect After Your Retreat:

> Increased emotional availability and vulnerability in your relationships

> Freedom from past pain that restricted intimacy

> Ongoing inspiration to practice teachings at home

> A deeper sense of universal connection through sacred sexuality

If you're ready to experience the intimate life you've always desired, a VIP retreat with me is the perfect way to jumpstart your transformation.

Let's work together to create the love, connection, and pleasure you deserve.
I'm so ready for this!

If you're a female a VIP Retreat with Leah might look like...

If you have sexual trauma or are recovering from a divorce/breakup, Leah specializes in private sessions that provide validation and emotional support, as well as a roadmap to sexual awakening.

By understanding how your own erectile network works and how orgasmic energy flows through your body, you'll be able to unblock the highways that carry your orgasms.

With practice, you'll become unstoppable, feeling the power of your breath and pelvic movements, as well as the dazzling discovery of your own sounds. 

Leah's aim is to illuminate the depth, power, spirit, and trustworthiness of the awakened feminine.

If You're a Male a VIP Retreat with Leah might look like...

Leah's dedication to teaching the ancient Tantric teachings of male sexual mastery is unparalleled.

Whether you're dealing with trauma, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low self-esteem, or addictions, Leah will show you practical skills that will bring long-lasting results with the utmost sensitivity and care.

With consistent Tantric practice, you'll discover that multi, full-body, non-ejaculatory orgasms are not only possible but inevitable.

These practices promise to bring you potency, creativity, and higher consciousness, both in and out of the bedroom.

Whether you're struggling with intimacy issues, relationship challenges, or simply feeling stuck and unfulfilled in your life, the MLW VIP Retreat can help you break free from the patterns that are holding you back and create a new, more empowered vision for your future.


With Leah's expert guidance and support, you'll learn how to tap into your sexual energy in a conscious and spiritual way, and discover the secrets to unlocking your full pleasure potential.

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