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For the Woman Who...


Isn’t Afraid to Play in the Deep End....   

Values Personal Growth & Real Friendships.....  

Knows that None of Us are Meant to Do it Alone!


Because...When All Else Fails... 


Sisterhood Works!

No other retreat combines LASTING Sisterhood and REAL Sexual Education like this one. 


Sisterhood Works

"But you’re a Grown A** Woman - Why explore your sexuality NOW?  You’re busy. You’ve got a career. A family. A relationship. A home. A life. And hardly a moment to spare…."
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Why Now? Why this Retreat? 



Because Orgasms and Real Female Friendship are something every woman deserves and no woman should have to live without.


This is the Sex and Sisterhood Education we should’ve learned at that Coming of Age Party We Never Had. 


Every woman needs another woman she can trust to teach her that her own inner GPS is something to be TRUSTED. That living shame free, turned-on, and orgasmic is not a pipe-dream - but a birthright.  


Sisterhood Works is where loyal, reliable, deep, honest, kind, self reflective, and hilarious life-bonds are formed. (That’s a promise sista! It’s just who we attract…)

“The world is designed to take the wind out of a woman’s sails. To fill her with fear about all the ways she is inadequate. We each need the focus and determination of warrior women to fight the tide of self-hatred that comes from living in a culture that devalues us.”  - Regena Thomashauer

Are you ready Sister?

When a woman discovers her own GPS to being sexually satisfied, easily aroused, and deeply trusting of her feminine nature, her ability to channel that passion to every aspect of her life becomes seamless.


And when she honors and recognizes that the source of her creativity comes from her awesome sexual energy, so awesome in fact, that the same energy creates life it’s self.

She finally stops doubting her power, her genius, her beauty, she stops settling for crumbs, and she begins to understand the difference between chemistry and alchemy. 


Normal Tuition 

$555 Per Person

Bring a friend 

$444 each! 


If you cancel within those 30 days of the event date or are a no show you will lose your total tuition $222

Every Woman needs to know...

Every woman says the same thing after this course... "It's criminal that I'm only learning this now! Why didn't anyone teach us this sooner? 


In this program your Sister Facilitators will teach you all about the ingredients that a woman needs to activate her "Shakti Super Powers" for total turn-on... how you layer them together will become your own secret sauce ➳ 

The Brain | It's your biggest Sex organ sweetheart and it has 2 hemispheres, one side DERAILS orgasm and the other side CARRIES you to orgasm. We will show you how to quiet one while activating the other!

Neural pathways | You have at least 4 that run from the genitals to the brain carrying different types of orgasms. (Lucky girl!) 

Yogic Breathing | Why & how it’s used in Tantric Sex & considered vital for more intense sensations, longer orgasms, affirming your lover, and healing your soul.​

You have a Voice | Who you are and what you feel matter's to US! We insist you take up some space in our crew. If you don't learn how to give your luscious body a voice then you risk playing small, feeling little, and robbing the rest of us your truth.

the Body Keeps the Score | If you're like most of our sisters you are no stranger to trauma and you have faced a crisis or two, and you could probably write a compelling book on heart ache... if you ever wanted to be free from self loathing, low self esteem, and negative beliefs then let teach you a ritual that will "Love it Away".

The Mysterious Anatomy of Female Arousal | Soon you will relish in the glory of knowing your own Vulva's GPS to pleasure! Not only that, but you will be able to share your GPS to any lover worthy to cross your street! - This alone will be worth the price of admission.

​You Walk Away Feeling... 

  • Supported

  • Like you Belong

  • Like time is on your side  

  • Excited to make space for YOU.

  • Connected to amazing, trustworthy woman

  • Wise, Creative and Magical

  • Turned by life

  • Confident in knowing how your body's arousal works

  • Relieved that your orgasm isn't a crap shoot.

  • In touch with your inner guidance

  • Unstuck and fully seen

  • Fully willing to love your body and see your beauty

Don't wait another Year... or Else...​

  • Continued fights with your partner over sex 

  • Another year without a tribe who you trust has your back and doesn't talk smack behind it.

  • Less laughter, less dancing, less good tears, and fewer girlfriends

  • No one you respect to gently help you with your Shadow

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| craftsbury |
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| sacramento |
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| seattle |
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| sunnyvale |


In the meantime....

Private Mentoring and Group Coaching is available online.


You have something priceless to Discover about yourself and it doesn't have to wait! Let us begin the journey now!

I can't wait to work with you!

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