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SSTY Products | Intimacy Vol1 | websitet

Vol 1 | Intimacy Practices

Vol 1 | Practices for Friends and Lovers. FREE

This class is great for singles or couples to safely deepen their connection, and practices can be done fully or partially clothed. Charles Muir guides the practice, teaching breathing, energy work, chakra focus, yantras and tantric love tips. We guarantee it will open you to new levels of connection!

• Awaken blissful joy
• Release stress
• Build deeper intimacy
• Heal relationship wounds
• Remove blocked energy
• Increase libido

SSTY Products | LayaYoga Vol1 | websitet

Vol 1 | Laya Yoga

Vol 1 | White Tantra Laya Yoga $19.95

Laya Yoga is the grandfather of all forms of Hatha Yoga. It enhances your body's ability to run more energy and therefore increases your ability to feel more pleasure. This practice will improve your flexibility, uplift you emotionally and lead you into a state of deep inner peace. All of these benefits carry over to your Red Tantra sexual practices. White Tantra leads you into a deeper, more juicy and intimate Red Tantra practice. “To love another, you must first learn to love yourself.”

You will experience subtle levels of body awareness and a deeper connection to your energy and emotional bodies.


Tantra Home Study Course

Tantra Home Study Course $60

The perfect ensemble to begin practicing and learning Tantra at home!


• Female Sexual Ecstasy DVD

• Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving Book

• The Sacred Spot Multimedia Kit


Maui Massage Oil

Maui Massage Oil $20

This is the perfect lubricant for external genital stimulation. The Hawaiian Love Oil, actually enhances your partner's touch, making it more erotic, sensual & healing. As a non-greasy compound, it is our personal formulation of the finest avocado, apricot, coconut, macadamia, jojoba, and vitamin E oils.

DVD - The Sacred Spot.jpg

The Sacred Spot Media Kit

The Multimedia Kit $45

In this Instructional Book, 90min DVD and Two Audio CDs you will learn everything you need to know about how to give/receive Sacred Spot Massage. Discover never before shared techniques: stroking, mudras, positions, energy work, teamwork, powerful visualizations, affirmations, meditations and so much more. This product is an incredible at-home learning course!

SSTY Products | Intimacy Vol2 | websitet

Vol 2 | Harmonizing Moods

Vol 2 | Harmonizing Moods and 

Energies $24.95

By alternating the role of giver and receiver throughout the class, both partners increase their energy as they open up to the magic of the Art of 

Conscious Loving. 


This hour long class includes: 

• Synchronized breathing

• Energy and chakra transmission skills

• Eye gazing

• Brain mudras

• Emotional healing techniques

• Our unique 5 minute massage modality "Tantric Tapping".

DVD - Ultimate_FlashDrive-2T.jpeg

Flash Drive

Tantra Flash Drive $79

All of our best sellings Books, DVDs & CDs are all on one down loadable flash drive!

• Ultimate 5 DVD Bundle

• The Art of Conscious Loving Book

• The Sacred Spot Multi Media Kit

• Yoga (White Tantra) CD Box Set - All 3 Volumes

• Holy Relationship Audio CD

• Beyond Beginners Tantra Audio CD • Love Dance Demo Video

• Yoni of the Mind Meditation Video

CD - White Tantra Set.jpg

Yoga (White Tantra)

Volumes I-III CD Box Set $15.95

Yogi Charles Muir, expertly guides you through this non-visual form of White Tantra (known as hatha yoga). These programs are good for beginners and advanced Yoga students. They are a vital part of any Tantric practice. All 3 volumes on 5 quality CDs (5 hours of instruction).

BOOK - Tantra the Art of Conscious Lovin

Book | Conscious Loving

Tantra: the Art of Conscious Loving Book $12.95

by Charles & Caroline MuirThis groundbreaking book on Tantra is an easy read, offering modern couples ancient Tantric secrets for deepening relationships, intimacy, and passion. This deep book approaches intimacy from all perspectives, not just a purely sexual one. Everyone can benefit from this perspective no matter what your relationship status or sexual preference.

SSTY Products | Intimacy Vol3 | websitet

Vol 3 | Heart Opening

Vol 3 | Heart Opening Practices $24.95

You will learn the secrets of awakening your partner’s nerve endings and your own. Every chakra is an erogenous zone and the heart chakra is the gateway to each of them. You will learn how to address the heart physically, emotionally and energetically. Releasing the heart’s past emotional residues will revive numb places, so the full beauty of love can be ever more deeply lived in.

Practices include:

  • Reciprocal charging breath

  • Chest and breast massage

  • Connecting the eight hundred nerve endings in each nipple to the brain

  • Exotic kissing

DVD - Meeting of the Masters Box Set.jpe

Meeting of the Masters 

Volumes I-III DVD Box Set $15.95

Featuring Charles Muir and Mantak Chia teaching a wide array of topics centering on the power of sexual energy.

Vol 1: Alchemy, Orgasm & Awakening

Vol 2: Sex, Energy & Ecstatic Love

Vol 3: Eastern Secrets of Sexual Love


Crystal Wand

Deluxe Crystal Wand $40

Now you can practice sacred spot massage on your own if you don't have a partner.  The S shaped design gives you the needed leverage to easily find and reach the G Spot (sacred spot) and prostate (Male G Spot) for effortless self stimulation.

Tantra Goddess.jpg

Book | Tantra Goddess

Tantra Goddess: A Memoir  $4.99

This unique autobiography tells the story of how world famous teacher, Caroline Muir, made the journey from being a "nice girl from Kansas" to a leading light in the world of conscious human sexuality. From her childhood molestation, to pioneering the modern Tantra movement with her husband, Tantra Yoga Master Charles Muir, her story will make you laugh, cry and fill you with awe.

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