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Private VIP Retreat Immersions for Couples or Individuals are perfect for:


  • Those who prefer one-on-one teaching vs a public seminar setting.


  • Individuals or Couples who desire a deep dive in the art of love.

  • Those who want to gain mastery as lover.

  • Those who ready to heal past traumas stopping them from having the love and sex they most desire.

  • Those who want to gain confidence in the bedroom.

  • Those who need to unplug and love to learn new and fascinating things.

  • Those who have always been curious about Tantra. 

This is the perfect place to start your journey if you are...

  • New to Women's Groups and Personal Growth Events.

  • Sick & tired of cycles of self loathing, shame attacks, and insecurities with your body and sensuality.

  • Ready to own your sexual energy as YOURS!

  • Eager to connect the dots between sex, sacredness, and feminine wisdom. 

  • Desperate for more female friends who also want to be surrounded by trustworthy woman who can go below the surface with zero pretenses & pettiness.  

Women Holding Hands

Goddess Works

This is Advanced Class pushes the envelope on our willingness to truly be seen and witnessed by our peers in 4 crucial initiations that call on us to be the CREATOR of our Life's Defining Moments moving forward.

If you are ready to:

  • ​Gain resilience by learning self soothing tools to nurture yourself when feeling wounded

  • Become victorious over being victimized from the past.

  • Give your body it's VOICE, especially your Vulva.

  • Acquire the ancient Tantra healing techniques for Sexual Healing.

  • Develop deeper levels of trust and intimacy with other women.

VIP Works

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