This class is for Tantra Educators who want to Learn, Grow, & Update their use of language &
teaching materials to be inclusive & informed of our fellow humans who do not relate to the
hetero, male/female normative.


• We'll identify historical Tantra data that goes beyond the Shakti/Shiva model to explore another model that shines light on non-gender methods to identify different energetic polarities.


• Discover the importance of Gender Fluid pronouns, terminology, and rainbow classroom etiquette.

• Common unintended mistakes to avoid when teaching.

• New strategies to organize typical dyadic class practicum that normally would be male/female centered and instead make them non gender specific.

• Alternative homework selection processes (such as sacred spot massage) that are inclusive of same sex configurations.

• Puja work-around’s > using alternative language for the common meditation stations.

Tips on how to approach private sessions for the LBGTQ+ client; questions to ask, use of language, & types of "energy to carry".

What you'll Take away

• A professional questionnaire template to send to class registrants so you're prepared to meet  the needs & preferences of your audience.


• Illuminating diagrams that visually support the logic behind non-binary gender identification and why gender fluidity makes so much sense for some people.

• A handout of things to do as a teacher to create: a safer, more inclusive, healing, experiential, growing and learning environment for all gender types, sexual orientations, and sexual preferences.

• Suggestions on where to find various rainbow communities/allies, advertisement tweaks that will attract a more diverse student body, & an outline on how to conduct your own focus groups.

• A summery of terminology & key highlights from the call.


$97 Per User

Now you can teach with more awareness and inclusiveness when you purchase this training video, originally filmed live using HD technology.  The program includes links for unlimited access to the original webinar plus all of the training handouts & materials we could compile to make integrating this content easily into your business. 

< the Moderator

Leah Piper has noticed an ever growing need for a paradigm shift in the traditional curriculum of most relationship courses (including her own) to be inclusive of all sexual orientations.  Nearly all Tantra Educators know that gender & sexual orientation has nothing to do with the practice of Tantra. Love is love is love.  However, that doesn't mean that all Tantra teachers know how to teach Tantra to a varied audience in such a way that isn't hetero-focused.  It's with great excitement she gets the opportunity to host Dr.Levy to up level her own awareness, compassion, understanding, & education.  She hopes you will join her in expanding your awareness too.  We are all in this together.

the > Expert

Dr. Sierra Levy is a licensed Naturopathic Primary Care Physician, Acupuncturist, Midwife, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology practitioner who has experienced many diverse and varied experiences with Tantra and Sacred Sexuality.  Presently, Dr. Levy’s deep passion is to bring everyone’s neurology more bliss, joy and ecstasy.  Her hope is that everyone can have the opportunity to live full and authentic tantric lives. With all of her heart, body and Soul she has a burning eternal fire to make the gifts of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality fully judgment free, and available and accessible for all, including the LGBTTQQIAAP community (the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual community).