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The Big "O" is more than just fun... it's good for your health

Orga₴ms have tremendous benefits for the body that you probably did not even know.


📣 Nature's Xanax (anxiety reliever)

📣 Regulate's menstrual cycles

📣 Stress reliever

📣 Support's heart health

📣 Protects the health of the reproductive organs

📣 Ensures reproductive organs don't atrophy.

📣 All-natural painkiller

📣 Increases your immune system

So, if we know it's good for us, why do we feel dread, reluctance, confusion, and frustration? How come guilt, shame, and fear of discomfort still arise for so many of us?

To start, most women are unfamiliar with putting their pleasure front and center because it's rarely modeled in our culture. On top of that, we either feel

foolish for not knowing how to put our pleasure first or

unworthy, for taking too long, believing orgasmic fulfillment isn't that important.

And then there are painful & unpleasant sensations during ₴ex. This is not unusual for ₴exually active women and typically increases when we experience menopause.


But it doesn't have to be this way!


Regardless of age, you deserve to be properly turned on, loved up, utterly pleasured, and continually ripening in juiciness with each passing year.

With more research invested in women's reproductive health, it's more attainable than ever before!!

If you want to be one step closer to trading boring, frustrating, and obligatory sex for stress-free, easily turned-on, reliably orga₴mic ₴ex, then join Leah Piper & Dr. Willow Brown for a workshop on July 29th, 2021, from 5-7 pm PST, where they combine Eastern Ancient Wisdom with the latest Modern Science.

This is the {HOT} ₴EX EDUCATION you wish you received long ago from a

Mother, Lover, or BFF!



5:00 - 7:00 pm PST | 7:00 - 9:00 pm CST | 8:00 - 10:00 pm EST

Two options to choose from, each with a unique link.



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