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IG Live + Sacred Sexuality in the Empress Temple + unlocking the Empress Codes

Leah Piper, Chelsae Zirnaand, and Thatja Andrade

This 5 Day Free Event has been running since Jan 21, and ends Jan 25. But it's not too late to watch the final day and catch up on all of the classes! (You have until Jan 28th, before the free replay's close. (Soon the program will be edited and turned into a $500 course). So get if free now!

I know so many of you attended my class this morning, thank you,

and I hope you loved it!

If you missed it, sign up today and get the replay.

Want a sneak peek? We did an Instagram LIVE a few days ago. Enjoy, it's only about 30-minutes long.

What's next for the Empress?
It's time to learn the Empress Codes!

I'll be there weaving my empress magic!

Including all of the other guest teachers from the Express Temple.


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