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The sky is the limit!

This is a great chance to get support on any array of topics as it relates to love, tantra, sex, relationships, & sexual healing.  Anything you can dream up... or maybe that's the problem.... no dreams at all?  What's got you up at night?  Let's dig in & break through.

Individual mentoring is typically done over the phone where we can record the calls.  This way you don't have to focus on taking notes, instead, you can be totally present during our time together.  Most people jot down gems when they review the call a second time.

In addition to a recording of the call I'll also send you any class handouts that relate to the topics we discuss to further support you.

This is option is good for individuals, couples, singles, men, women... you name it.


$200/hour > calls can also be billed by the minute if we don't need the whole hour - lots of flexibility!

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