Goddess Works

And she's ready to work with you.

Sacramento, CA
To be scheduled, Spring 2022

We hope you had a female mentor in your life to remind you what a beautiful, worthy, force of nature you are.  

But if you didn't or you wish you had that again... 

This is the place and the time is now to reclaim it!


We hope you had a female mentor in your life to remind you what a beautiful, worthy, force of nature you are. But if you didn't or you wish you had that again….This is the place and the time is now to reclaim it!


During the weekend we will gently guide, educate, and initiate you into the Divine Sacred Space of your Vulva. You will be in a safe, private, and supportive environment for this awakening and healing, as we birth forth the Priestess within you and assist in the healing of your inner child. 


Discover for yourself how non-sexual, hands-on work with women will assist you in finding your whole, happy, healed, and empowered Self.


Tuition: $897 Includes meals.  A deposit of $497 is due now, the remaining $400 is due upon arrival.

Tuition for Assistants: $697 Includes meals & accommodations.  A deposit of $497 is due now, the remaining $200 is due upon arrival.  Assistants must have completed CTE 2 or higher of Source Tantra's Certification Program. Required to arrive early for set up, clean up, & support staff roles. Limited space.


If you cancel within those 30 days or are a no show you will lose your $497 deposit.

If you cancel before 30 days of the event we will refund the monies paid except for $250 which is non-refundable.


♥ Discover the bodies  7 Genius Zones Body Map -  These zones are not only where primary erogenous are located but their dual purpose is to store, activate, and/or suppress your emotional intelligence. 

♥ "Circling Sisters" is a best described as a profound moving meditation going from sister to sister around a circle. It doesn't take long for a "sacred trust and bond" to occur. As that awareness lands into the body a desire to hold nothing back and an excitement to be "All-In" inspires you to go deeper with each new meditation buddy. Soon it's not hard to see the Goddess looking back out at you in each new pair of eyes. And then it dawns on you, that every women who stood before you, also touched that same Divine Feminine energy in your eyes. 

♥ Conscious Touch each woman has an opportunity to learn (both as a giver and a receiver) the positive healing effects this non sexual touch offers through it's combination of mirror neurons, energetic principles of transmission, 5 different touch modalities, soft eye gazing, and soothing/supportive communication. 

♥ Be transformed at our Fire Initiation under the stars and around the bonfire as each women bravely commits to her creation of a"Defining Moment." 

♥ Witness the Vulva my friend. The confusing world of a women's sexual anatomy and it's ability to reach or not reach ecstasy will finally be revealed... Your eyes will go wide, you will learn countless simple pleasure tips, and then you'll wonder "why the hell has no one explained this to me till now"? Well sister, we know now, and we wouldn't dream of not letting you in on the secrets!

♥ Break bread with your new sisters as we share nourishing meals together.

♥ Dance Yoga - from the bottom to the top let the emotional beat of the music move you from your head, where those worry lines  appear, into your luscious body. Your practice is to let the body lead, your mind has the hour off, your ego need not worry if you look stupid, hot, or cute... no one here is watching. It's the body's turn to tell the story, and the rest of your intelligence's job is to listen.

♥ Midwifing and Birthing the Divine Feminine in all of us.


Leah Piper, the Founder of More Love Seminars is an Elite Certified Tantra Educator™ & is the Primary Female Facilitator for Source School of Tantra Yoga®.  She has been teaching seminars with Charles Muir since 2004.  Leah has assisted couples and individuals all over the world through More Love Seminars®, Source School of Tantra Yoga® Seminars, Instructor Training Courses, and her private practice, More Love Mentor®, to assist people in finding sexual healing, love, and wholeness.

Pamela Jane is a certified in Massage Therapy, Hatha Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Yoga Dance and a Reiki Master/Teacher. She is an Intuitive Spiritual Counselor and has been reading for people for over 20 years. Pamela has been channeling the Goddess the whole of her life. She allows her strong belief in the Goddess to move through her to create Aquarian Dance the Center for Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Awakening.

space is EXTREMELY limited!



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