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When a woman discovers her own GPS to being sexually satisfied, easily aroused, and deeply trusting of her feminine nature, her ability to channel that passion to every aspect of her life becomes seamless. And when she honors and recognizes that the source of her creativity comes from her awesome sexual energy, so awesome in fact, that the same energy creates life it’s self. She finally stops doubting her power, she stops doubting her genius, she stops doubting her beauty, she stops settling for crumbs, and she begins to understand the difference between chemistry and alchemy.  This is the type of Woman's gathering where the conversation is fun, deep, and juicy. 

In ancient Tantric traditions, women revealed mysteries of female Shakti.  Shakti is the creative, spiritual, and sexual life force energy that inspires women to come ALIVE & live every aspect of their life in total alignment to their ecstatic nature.  During the weekend we will gently guide, educate, and initiate you into the Divine Sacred Space of your Vulva. You will be in a safe, private, and supportive environment for this awakening and healing, as we birth forth the Priestess within you and assist in the healing of your inner child. Discover for yourself how non-sexual, hands-on work with women will assist you in finding your full, happy, healed, and empowered Self.  Join other women of wisdom and receive the education you always needed from your sisters, mother, and grandmothers.

In this seminar Tantra Master, Charles Muir and Leah Piper present the education we never had and always needed in order to have wonderful, real, passionate, & lasting love. Rather than a touchy-feely course about sex, Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving is a spiritual yet practical guide to being present and intimate with the most important person in your life. Through practice, couples & singles can experience an ever-deepening transcendental oneness & profound states of pleasure. Sex is the doorway for most students, but love and awakening is what they find.   * No explicit sexual activity or nudity in class. 

Are you ready to have more open hearted and connected men? In this seminar the featured practice for Saturday night is Men’s healing & awakening. You will learn an in-depth ritual to celebrate the divine masculine, encouraging each man to own his sexual energy, connect to his heart center, & joyfully opening the places where he’s closed. Have you mastered the female sacred spot massage? Here’s the next set of tools to open the gateway of her pleasure palace, unlock the mystery of every woman’s spirit, her sacred spot. Charles and Leah will give you the next skill set to take her deeper.   *Seminar Prerequisite: Beginners weekend

All over the world there is an ever-growing need for excellent educators of Tantra Yoga. Media write-ups and interest continues to expand. Oprah did three television shows on Tantra, and Hollywood is currently abuzz with stars raving about their Tantric exploits. This, along with the ever-increasing number of new Tantra books, videos, & workshops that are flooding the market, reveals that more people are recognizing the need for further sexual education in order to have a harmonious and fulfilling sex life.  This course is perfect for those aspiring to become a teacher as well for those only interested in personal mastery. *Seminar Prerequisite: Beginners weekend

Learn all about Gender Fluid pronouns, terminology, etiquette and why they matter, including common unintended mistakes to avoid when teaching. Get new strategies to organize typical dyadic class practicum that normally would be male/female centered and instead make them non gender specific. You will receive alternative homework selection processes (such as sacred spot massage) that are inclusive of same sex configurations. You'll get the Puja work-around’s > using alternative language for the common meditation stations. Plus, tips on how to approach private sessions for the LBGTQ+ client; questions to ask, use of language, & types of "energy to carry".  Included is a series of handouts every educator will be glad they have.

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