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In our online private practice, we combine Mentoring (teaching you new tools) with Coaching (leveraging your inner guidance) to achieve what you most desire in your intimate life.


The Tantric Mentoring and Intimacy Coaching packages below are designed to create long-term personal growth by building new habits, sexual skills, embodied knowledge of energy, and spiritual awareness. 


To truly experience the profound happiness behind love, sex, and partnership, we will explore the unconscious reactions that cause us to "close" and why learning to remain "open" is more manageable and wiser than you can imagine. 


Together we will open doors of self-reflection, make connections never explored before, and share experiences that motivate actionable steps forward towards your goals.


The tools, techniques, and meditations you will learn will inspire a new and generous view of how you see yourself, others, and the world at large.

couples 5 Pack
5 Couples Sessions | 75 Min


1 Investment $1888 

SAVE $212

 4 Installments of $525

Total: $2100 

couples 8 Pack
8 Couples Sessions | 75 Min


1 Investment $2333 

SAVE $444

 5 Installments of $555

Total: $2777 

couples 6+6 Pack
6 Solo Sessions | 60 Min
6 Couples Sessions | 75 Min

1 Payment $3000 

SAVE $330

 6 Installments of $555

Total: $3330 

Where other's would  have shamed us, you respected us.  

Jerry and Kathy - Texas

Deepest gratitude to you, Leah, for your "sex geekiness" that led you to teach us how to become lovers on a whole new level."

Deb + Joe - California

You made it easy and safe to open and let go. Our sexuality is our relationship's greatest gift.

John + Megan - California

We get a whole new chapter! And Frank is right there with me!

Suzanne + Frank - Boston


Leah communicates with a fluid resonance that is articulate, intelligent, and with a juicy feminine appeal, I have yet to see duplicated.

Whitney - California

I knew the only way through this fog was going to be with a leader. A female activist for love and freedom.

Dayana - New York

I don't know that I’ve ever had a conversation where I felt more understood, especially on a topic like sex which growing up was so taboo.

Kevin - Georgia

I’m a therapist and I've done lots of therapy myself, this has been the most profound therapeutic experience I have ever been a part of.

Joshua - Texas


individual 5 Pack
5 Sessions | 60 Min


1 Investment $1377

SAVE $120

 3 Installments of $499

Total: $1497

individual 8 Pack
8 Sessions | 60 Min


1 Investment $1777 

SAVE $218

 5 Installments of $399

Total: $1995 

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